Stolen Moments - Namibian Music History Untold is a national treasure hunt for the Namibian Music Culture that was almost forgotten, suppressed and made impossible to flourish under apartheid.

In order to prevent these cultural riches from vanishing without a trace, we have started to recollect the bits and pieces of our musical memory from the 1950s to the late 1980s, be it in sound recording, print-articles, film, photography and oral history.

Stolen Moments, Namibian Music History Untold calls on all Namibians to help to rebuild the collective cultural memory of our Nation. Save and rescue what otherwise might be lost and forgotten forever. Write history and tell us your story. Any contribution, any recollection, picture or music recording counts.

Save and rescue what otherwise might be lost and forgotten forever. Write history and tell us your story. Any contribution, any recollection, picture or music recording counts.

Share your memories and tell us about the music, trends and styles of the 1950s to the late 1980s that were so dear to you when you were young. Stolen Moments, Namibian Music History Untold brings back to life the golden age of Namibian popular music and YOU will play a crucial part in this National treasure hunt.

What we are looking for...

Oral History
Help find those who remember the good old days of Kwela, Jazz and Jive. Where did your grandma and pa go to dance the night away? Who were the kings and queens of the dance halls and discos way back When? What were the fashions and customs of those times? We are looking for anybody who has a story to tell! Tell your neighbours! Spread the word and report back to us.

Do you remember Leyden Naftali, Warmgat, The Dead Wood, The Chiquitos, The Ugly Creatures, The Outjo Singers or Ben Molazi? Help us find the heroes of your wildest years. Who were the musicians and performers that made you jump and jive? Do you remember the local bands that shook the dance floors? What has become of all those artists? Who knows about their whereabouts. Who can tell their life stories?

What happened to grandpa’s record collection? Although it is known that recordings have been made before Namibian independence in 1990, they are difficult to trace and are in danger of disappearing altogether. Help us find and safeguard those precious old recordings, be it longplayers, singles, sound reels or cassette tapes.

Photo, Film and other Media
How can we reconstruct a whole era if only a few images of the past exist? How can we imagine, visualize and experience customs, fashion, trends and styles? We are looking for old photos, magazines and posters that document our musical past. Have a look at your private photo collections and archives and share what can take us back to 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. From duck tails to afros and bellbottoms, balroom dacing, discos, parties, and concerts; any image that brings back the spirit of your youth culture counts.

How to share your memories

The Stolen Moments research Team is there for you 24/7. Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can tell us your story personally, via email, sms or mail box and we will get back to you immediately. If you want to contribute to our image and music collection you can either mail your finds to our post office box or upload them on our facebook account.

Enjoy our photo and music collection on facebook and join the Stolen Moments blog. Share your knowledge, analyse, identify and debate with us about what we have come across so far. Write history and never forget: A country that doesn't know its past, can't grow as a nation.

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What’s it all for?

Stolen Moments, Namibian Music History Untold is an initiative of the National Archive of Namibia, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Information, the NBC, the Namibian, the Republikein, the Namibian Sun, Allgemeine Zeitung and Basler Afrika Bibliographien. All resultant oral history, recordings and research data will remain property of the originators that is YOU. Your contributions are going to be copied and deposited at the National Archives of Namibia. This will open up the area for future investigation and form the basis for a Namibian popular music archive, as intended by the National Archives of Namibia.